Engineering Services

1. CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) services
2. Techno Staffing

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) services
1. Meshing
2. Model building (Deck preparation)
3. Sheet Metal Forming

Meshing :

A well-known fact by most engineering services firms, structures can take up a tremendous part of an engineer’s time in the meshing phase. For most structures, a good understanding of meshing is important for productivity. Factors regarding this can include effective techniques in meshing tools, how analysis objectives affect the mesh, correct element types, and the level of accuracy needed. Proper meshing allows for accurate analysis, regardless of whether the process is automated or manual. For any product development project to be successful, analysis is critical, and proper meshing is an important part of that analysis.

We have extensive experience in the meshing of sheet metal and plastic components. We provide all types of meshing support with various criteria’s which includes:
Shell meshing
a. Structural Meshing
b. Mold flow Meshing
c. Mesh modeling for Composites
>Tetrahedral Meshing
>Hexahedral Meshing
>Hybrid Meshing
>Beam Meshing

Model Building (Deck preparation):
We provide model preparation (connections, contacts, etc.) support for solvers like Ls-Dyna, Pam-Crash, Abaqus etc. Connections like weld, bolts rivet, adhesive etc . are done as per the customer requirements.

Sheet Metal Forming :
• Single/ Multi step forming
• Thinning/ Thickening
• Blank size optimization
• FLD Plots
• Residual stress mapping for FEM